ATIPL brings in a team of highly qualified resources combined with our U.S based industry expertise. With our repeatable delivery practices and continuously improving quality, we run highly cost effective operations. The onsite / offsite / offshore model allows us to use the time differential and provide true 24x7 service, and deployment of critical resources on demand.

Offer Significant Cost Savings

  • By utilizing our highly skilled teams
  • By allowing clients to effectively utilize their in-house skills
  • By helping clients reduce in-house staff turnover
  • By reducing IT upgrade spending
  • By reducing in-house IT training
  • By optimizing client costs through utilization of our established infrastructure

We Offer Business Value Improvement

  • By allowing clients to focus on their core competency
  • By allowing clients to focus on improving technology to gain competitive advantage
  • By offering seamless and continuous knowledge transfer
  • By undertaking engagements with short ramp-up times
  • By improving service levels to end-users